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The glove sales strategy is divided into four branches. Each of these is characterised by different lead times and entry barriers. With this segmentation of sales channels, we will reach all potential glove users, both retail and wholesale.

1. OEM contract manufacturing – that is, manufacturing gloves under distributors’ private labels. In this context, the subject of the sale will not be the gloves themselves, but the capacity of the factory or the right to use the formula. The first such transaction will be possible after the formula has been developed and has undergone research and testing.

2. Domestic sales – through distributors. The first direct distributor of gloves will be our trading company – Medintech sp. z o.o., which will use its sales channels:
a. Private and public medical facilities
b. Online retail shop
c. Sales platforms
Due to the network of contacts we have and the online shop already in place, this part of sales would be launched the fastest.

3. Public procurement – also through Medintech sp. z o.o. – participation in tenders for medical gloves organised by public hospitals (the lion’s share of the Polish medical equipment market). Work on public procurement is time-consuming and requires the development of relationships in hospitals, therefore a separate sales team will be engaged for this branch of sales.

4. Export sales:
a. Through distributors – acquisition of distributors in European countries, Arab Emirates, South Africa etc. Subsequently and after further certification, export to North and South America. Launching export sales requires building brand awareness and prior presentation of the finished product at trade fairs and events. Of all the sales channels presented, this will therefore be the most time consuming process.
b. Through sales platforms – Expansion onto foreign markets is also planned with the use of e-commerce channels. The offer will be presented on international portals such as eBay or Amazon.