Production of biodegradable medical gloves

Demand for medical gloves keeps rising. In order to provide protection not only for the the glove user, but also the patient, or customer, every healthcare professional uses gloves for practically all daily activities.
The same applies, inter alia, to laboratories, hairdressers, beauticians, nursing home carers, or physiotherapists.

Medical gloves

Market situation - demand​

Even before the pandemic, the demand for gloves was already huge and constantly growing due to the lack of direct substitutes, along with:

– an increase in the number of treatments,

– an increase in the level of awareness regarding infection prevention,

– stricter regulation of medical equipment,

– increased clean room production


The chart illustrates the growth in global demand in billions of units.
Elaborated on the basis of Mercator Medical data.

Why is the use of latex gloves decreasing?

Latex gloves contain rubber proteins, which can cause severe allergic reactions in both the glove wearer and the patient.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the risks associated with this, an artificial raw material, namely nitrile, is increasingly being used in the production of medical gloves.

COVID-19 highlighted the need for good quality barrier materials to prevent infection and contamination.

The demand for gloves will not decrease once the pandemic is over!

Problems on the medical gloves market and proposals for solving them

Medical gloves problems

Medical Gloves manufactured by us:

  • biodegradable
  • safe
  • synthetic (nitrile)
  • aseptic
  • hypoallergenic
  • flexible
  • manufactured in a medium-volume production process
  • produced in the spirit of zero waste

Our market advantage


Biodegradable material

Synthetic, biodegradable gloves are the answer to market trends and a step towards reducing environmental pollution.

Medium-volume production

To develop a way of achieving a satisfactory and economically viable volume of production under medium-scale conditions.

Zero-waste production

– rational use of raw materials
– automation of the production process
– scalability of production
– return and cycling of solvents and waste


The medium-volume production process will allow for greater elativity in terms of minimum production volumes, lead times, and so forth.

Business model

Domestic sales
– Private and public healthcare facilities
– Online shop
– Sales platforms

Export sales
– Distributors
– Sales platforms

Contract manufacturing
– Production of gloves under third-party brand names

Public procurement

More details can be found here: For Investors

Project phases


  • R&D financing
  • prototype financing


  • product prototype
  • production line
  • prototype
  • audits (ISO)


  • establishment of know-how
  • audits (ISO)
  • product sales (OEM)


  • plant construction
  • sales of know-how


what do we have?

  • manufacturing cell design – two production capacities
  • raw materials to start testing
  • five different polymer formulations
  • team of experts
    • University (signed cooperation agreement + joint implementation of the project)
    • consultants from Malaysia (cooperation agreement signed)
    • project team

what do we need?

  • funds for the purchase and commissioning of a manufacturing cell (test/output cell)
  • funds for carrying out research and development work
  • funds for implementing projects (line – socket unit, factory)
  • funds for audits
  • substantive support for scaling up the business

what will be developed? know-how

  • prototype of a manufacturing cell with production capacity
  • design of a nest manufacturing of medical gloves (world innovation)
  • glove factory project (through and through)
  • proven, tested, production-approved product
  • own modifiable production – project and product development


  • innovative products and solutions
  • nano additives – as the next step of project
  • biodegradability + biocomponents
  • prototype to improve results and possibly change production process
  • improvement of the production process, water recovery, energy saving
  • formulation improvement – material development
  • testing new materials – easy change of manufacturing cell, low consequence of changes – easy analysis
  • increased security of supply on the home market, in case of supply chain disruption (as in the case of a pandemic outbreak)

FANTASY (research project)

  • an underground production process
  • production process based on smelter / power plant
  • revitalisation of mines – an opportunity for Silesia